WhatsApp Messenger is the best messaging application in this vast messaging platform worldwide. It's different feature makes its best messaging application. To keep it best Facebook always updates it and add many features in it. It is free to use and don't requires any charges. Its validity is unlimited. WhatsApp along with one billion active users makes it best messaging App in the world.

WhatsApp is an application on which you became addicted easily. WhatsApp helps you to remain to connect with your friends. Through this App, you can send pictures, Video, Documents, Music, Location to your friends. This application uses your mobile contact list to make WhatsApp friend list. Why is the best?? To make it best engineers putting all possible features regularly.

The position that WhatsApp achieved is for those creative engineers. Now I am listing some of its features that make it best messaging application.

1.Send picture With this application, you can send picture and images to your friends or a group of friends.You can select your image directly from your mobile gallery. For instant picture click on Camera icon of WhatsApp and send your instant picture at a single click.

2.Send Video You can send any video clip to your friends and your groups. You can also send instant video to your friends.

3.WhatsApp WEB It is another Feature that enables us to use WhatsApp on our PC. You need not install any third party application for that. At the beginning, we have to install Bluestack to do WhatsApp in PC. But this new features makes it very easy. First, go to Setting of your WhatsApp and then click on WhatsApp Web. Then you have to open the web.Whatsapp .com in your desktop. Scan the QR code that is on your phone.

4. Fast messaging Apart from other messaging application, WhatsApp is the best for its speed. It requires very short time to send or upload any of your messaging stuff. It is the fastest application, and so it is very popular.

5. Low data usage It consumes fewer data balance as compared to other application as Hike, Google Hangout, What, etc. As it consumes fewer data so it is very affordable and effective. 6. End to End encryption This is its unique features that make WhatsApp very secure and safe. Data protection and privacy is now our DNA, and that's why WhatsApp added End To End Encryption. To have this feature, you have to download the latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has added this feature to its recent version. Before it has no any encryption feature. This feature protects your message, photo, video or any staff from any wrong hands. This is such a feature that ensures that your message is available only for you and to whom you are chatting. Even WhatsApp can't able to see anything about chatting or anything.

You and recipient has only able to read message. All message is lock with certain random numbers You and recipient has only the key to read message. It is fully automatic feature. You need not to change any settings for that.

Final Thought

WhatsApp is best and very efficient messaging platform. It releases new version regularly with different features. So you have to always uses it Latest Version to have all its recent features. As it features helps in many to its users in messaging so WhatsApp is the best messaging application.